Enjoy A More Abundant Life

Welcome to New Image Lifestyles where we provide access to cutting edge products and educational tools to help you live longer and enjoy a more abundant life. It is our belief that we are in the early stages of a renaissance of learning about new ways to treat and prevent disease. We are especially excited about the “new” field of Bio Electric or Frequency Medicine originally discovered in the early 1900’s. Numerous companies are bringing out new products many of which are receiving acceptance by the scientific and medical communities. All of the products presented on our website have been used by us personally.

As you can see from this photo I love the game of Pickleball! My passion for the fastest growing sport in America almost never happened due to joint pain. In 1996 I was diagnosed with torn rotator cuffs and knee pain so severe at one point I used a cane just to get around. One year prior to undergoing Stem Cell treatment I started on a supplement called Carbon 60 prior to undergoing the treatments. My results were remarkable.

Please remember…..the lifestyle choices you make today will determine the length and quality of life you enjoy tomorrow. The tools shared in this website are a key part of our journey. Kathy and I hope they encourage you to pursue your own path to a vibrant and healthy future! 🙏

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”Nicolai Tesla