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As improbable as it may sound, C60 could help you double your lifespan! If you think that is impossible, you might want to hedge your bets by learning more. An article from the August 1991 issue of Popular Science magazine explains how scientists have long thought there were only two types of carbon; Graphite and Diamond. The discovery of C60 as a third type of carbon molecule was quite by accident and required the rewriting of scientific textbooks. This is a fascinating article which leads up to its initial use as an industrial lubricant much like ordinary graphite….only better. Click here to read this article.

The videos below share how C60 was first consumed as a potent antioxidant by some adventurous pioneers. If you have never heard about C60 prepare to have your mind expanded. Imagine being able to tell your great great great grandchildren how you were one of the first humans to make this newly discovered supplement a key part of your health regimen!

Even though C60 was discovered in 1983 it didn’t enter the public consciousness until Sarah Westall began a series of YouTube interviews with a variety of researchers. Her interest was piqued when she learned that scientists in France accidentally discovered that test rats which were part of a toxicology study (and given huge quantities of C60) doubled their life expectancies. In these interviews she speaks with NASA scientists Max Champie and Phil Cantalano. They share how they first got involved with C60. Max was developing a replacement for freon while he was a subcontractor for NASA. He was looking for a way to lubricate his new product with C60. He shares how his mother’s illness led him to test C60 on himself prior to giving it to her to treat her Alzheimer’s condition. She recovered so well she was able to regain her driver’s license and no longer needed her glasses! That was when she was 87. Today she is 92 and still going strong! Max’s partner Phil took C60 also and he too improved his eyesight to the point he no longer needed to wear glasses. You will enjoy these two free thinkers! These videos will cause you to rethink your personal concept of aging should you embrace the possibility of living a prolonged and healthy life.


In this next interview Max and Phil share how patients who take C60 can greatly magnify the results achieved from a well known treatment for damaged joints. The treatment is called PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP consists of drawing a patients own blood which is then “spun out” then reinjected into a patient’s injured joint, neck or spine . The procedure normally accelerates the healing of the treated areas over a period of months. Recently it have been discovered that when a patient has been taking C60 prior to the treatment the results are greatly improved. The procedure is done as an outpatient in the doctor’s office at a fraction of the cost of a typical stem cell treatment.

This video also highlights some of Max and Phil’s other cutting edge discoveries including a treatment called “BioPhoton Modulation” and a C60 Ketone process that may offer a new lease on life to countless millions who suffer from autism, Alzheimer’s or obesity.


In this next video Sarah interviews another C60 scientist named Ian Mitchell of LivePet. Ian has developed a version of C60 specifically designed for the treatment of cancer in pets. As he readily admits, humans react to C60 in much the same manner as their pets but pets don’t require FDA approval! During his research he also developed a hair growth serum made that promotes hair regrowth! The new product is called C360 Hair Growth. Users report impressive results in as little as 3-6 weeks. This product is currently available at https://carbon60plus.com/product/c360-hairgrowth-copy/ or via subscription at https://carbon60plus.com/product/c360hairgrowth-2-bottle-set/.