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AO Scan Accessories

Something you will need to perform scans with is a reliable and comfortable bone conducting headset. Shokz is a popular brand and the affordable OpenMove model works well with any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

BioMagnetic Resources

The Magnetic Effect – by Albert Roy Davis (Author)

This book introduces the science of applying magnet energies to the animal system. This can be used in emergency conditions where medical care is not obtainable. The authors computer-exact and reproducible research findings apply to the treatment of such conditions as arthritis, cancer, glaucoma, sexual problems, aging, etc. While the study of magnetism promises great discoveries in all fields of applied sciences, the most readily apparent applications are in natural health and medicines. This book details experiments using the poles of the magnet to influence biological systems. The authors believe that the more the public can know about magnetism and its effects, the more we can begin to realize the largely untapped potential of this powerful natural energy.

These magnetic patches can be charged with quantum energy in any LeelaQ bloc which will dramatically increase the effectiveness of the magnetic energy especially if you imprint them with frequencies from your library.

If you have knee pain you will find that Magnet Therapy is an effective alternative medicine used for centuries to promote pain relief, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and balance positive energy! Each sleeve contains 17 N50 neodymium of 3,000 gauss each.

Applied Magnetics N-1 4”x 6” Ceramic Plate Magnets
Applied Magnetics N-1 4”x 6” Ceramic Plate Magnets

While this magnet isn’t available on Amazon it is the best price (~$8 + frt.) we could find on the web for the N-1 ceramic magnets as recommended by Albert Roy Davis in his book The Magnetic Effect Order magnets directly from the manufacturer by clicking the image.

Detox Supplies

These three products make a great detox bath. Use 1 cup of baking soda, 1 cup of salt and 1/2 cup of borax in a standard bathtub. Soak for 40 minutes.

H2O Frequency Supplement Supplies

When you build your frequency supplement library you will need just a few supplies. We recommend 2.0 oz clear bottles and the gold caps create curiosity from friends and neighbors.

LeelaQ Supplies

One of the outstanding benefits of LeelaQ Blocs is the ability to create aluminum frequency cards you can share with others or use as “Master Cards” for each of your frequencies. While the frequencies will last for hundreds of years when imprinted into aluminum it is a good idea to keep them in protective RFID sleeves when not in use to avoid cross card frequency contamination. You can professionally label these with the Brother label maker.

Misc. Supplies

Brother P-Touch Label Maker, PTD220, Thermal, Inkless Printer for Home & Office Organization, Portable & Lightweight, QWERTY Keyboard, One-Touch Keys & 25 Pre-Set Label Templates Label Memory

You will need a professional way to identify your frequency cards and H2O Frequency Supplement bottles. This printer is easy to use and easy to refill with b&w replacement cartridges below. Several other colors available.