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I love the game of pickleball! One of the downsides of the game is that you quickly discover aches and pains you never knew you had had before! BioMagnetic therapy is an inexpensive and drug free way to reduce those pains.

Anatomy of a Pickleballer

Magnet therapy has been studied for thousands of years however most of us learned very little about the practical uses of magnets in school. Recently, Kae Elmer of The Tinker’s Academy released a video sharing how to use magnets to assist plant growth, manage pain, improve sleep, aid eyesight and increase cognitive ability. My wife Kathy, and I purchased 2 of the books Kae recommended and began applying the methods presented. The results we have experienced have been very welcome, especially for reducing pain. We desire to share this information with members of our association, New Image Lifestyles, as well as friends and family. We have personally used the products listed and all but one are available on Amazon.

Dr. Stephen Stokes is a practicing chiropractor in Florida who has many years of clinical experience using magnets. He shares in this short 2 minute video how he has used magnet therapy to help his patients relieve pain for the past 20 years.

You can watch my friend Kae Elmer’s informative YouTube video on how to heal and improve your health below.

Amazon sells a couple of affordable products you can start using right away with great effectiveness.
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