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This unique, carefully crafted, maximum strength balm utilizes 13 powerful ingredients that penetrates deeply & quickly into muscles and joints for desired effect.

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This maximum strength balm penetrates deeply & quickly into muscles and joints for instant relief.

SOL✿CBD carefully crafted this unique plant-based formula choosing 12 of the world’s most potent herbal extracts and oils that have been used medicinally for centuries. We also added a full spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD.

Each ingredient was intentionally selected to compliment each other and work directly on affected areas. The balm goes to work fast providing nearly instant results and is totally safe for all skin types.

Imagine These 13 Ingredients Going To Work For You!

Grapeseed Oil
The oil is packed with Omega 6’s and 3’s as well as vitamins C, D, and E – all of which help in reducing wrinkles, scars, acne and stretch marks. The linoleic acid can also aid in eczema treatment. Studies suggest that Grape Seeds constitute anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-histamine, anti-aging, anti-allergic, antimicrobial, and adaptogenic activity.Virgin Ucuuba Butter
Ucuuba butter is ultra rich in Lauric, Myristic and Palmitic acid – crucial in healthy cell development, regulation of the immune system and maintenance of healthy skin and hair.Ucuuba Butter is said to have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and is ideal for treating acne, eczema and dry or irritated skin. Exceptionally rich in essential fatty acids, Ucuuba Butter is considered to have anti-aging properties and can be used to replenish tone and moisture to dry and mature skin.Virgin Andiroba Oil
It has healing, anti-inflammatory, and insect repelling properties that are attributed to the presence of limonoids.

Known to promote skin healing after injury and to activate the growth of new skin cells. It is considered to be an effective treatment for several chronic skin conditions including acne, dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis as well as blemishes like wrinkles and age spots. Andiroba oil is also widely used as a massage oil to help treat arthritis, rheumatism and other muscle pain.

Lemon Peel Oil
lemon peel contains the important essential oil limonene along with citral, flavonoids, more than 44 different flavone glycosides, citric and other plant acids. It’s a rich source of pectins, phenols, and hydroxycinnamates.

One of the most prominent uses for lemon peel oil is for the skin as it is incredibly nourishing. It can be used alone as a gentle cleaning agent that will effectively unclog your pores and clear away the free radicals, dirt, and oil that tends to get muddled on the skin.

Organic Rosemary Leaf Extract
Rosemary leaf extract is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and skin toning properties. When used externally, it is very helpful for skin irritations like eczema and joint problems like arthritis.

Used externally Rosemary Oil can help soothe the stomach and relieve pain from indigestion, menstrual cramps or other difficulties. It has also been reported to speed healing of wounds and bruises.
Organic Sunflower Seed Oil
Used topically to improve dry skin and treat skin irritations. Being rich in nutrients and antioxidants, it is widely used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes and is found to be effective against acne, eczema, inflammation, general redness and irritation of the skin.
Sunflower oil is also rich in vitamins A, C and D and healthy carotenoids and waxes which form a protective barrier on the skin.
A sedative terpenoid is a skin penetrant that increases permeability and potentially facilitates cannabinoid absorption when applied topically for pain or skin conditions. Terpenoids and cannabinoids both increase blood flow, enhance cortical activity and kill respiratory pathogens
Wintergreen Oil
Research shows that wintergreen oil has the ability to act like a natural analgesic (pain reducer), antiarthritic, antiseptic and astringent. It’s one of the best sources of an inflammation-fighting compound called methyl salicylate and believed to be one of only several plants that naturally supply enough to form an extract.
Furthermore, Wintergreen is absorbed into the skin quickly and acts like a natural numbing agent, similar to cortisone. It also promotes blood circulation and cools irritation, which is comforting to the swollen skin.
Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Oil

Used for inflammation. Research indicates the analgesic properties of this essential oil. A study in the American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation applied Eucalyptamint on the anterior forearm skin of 10 subjects, and found that Eucalyptamint “produced significant physiologic responses that may be beneficial for pain relief and/or useful to athletes as a passive form of warm-up.”

Organic Calendula Flower Extract

Possesses anti-inflammatory capabilities and has been shown to calm muscle spasms.
Acids held within the oils of this plant have powerful antimicrobial and antiviral effects, especially when fortified with sunflower oil.
Studies done for slow-healing wounds and various exposed ulcers, it was found that using calendula-based gels and topical ointments helped speed up recovery rate and healing.
CBD Hemp Oil
Because cannabinoid receptors are located all throughout the skin, CBD has the capability of interacting with those receptors to encourage homeostasis and healing. Easily absorbed, cannabidiol or CBD works to help with inflammation and acts on pain channels to provide relief.
Studies also show that CBD can help treat an array of conditions related to the skin.
Copaiba Oil
The most powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient on the planet. It is unique in its composition, micronutrients, and properties. Copaiba oil’s most prominent application is in reducing pain and inflammation anywhere on the body.  It also promotes healing of injuries by a faster formation of scar or scab and assists in cleaning out wounds to prevent any infection by pathogens.Candelilla Wax

Candelilla wax is extracted from the candelilla plant and it means “little candle.” It is a natural, multifunctional, vegetable wax comprising a complex of natural wax esters. It has moisturizing qualities but is mainly used in our formula as a natural thickener and emulsifier that adds texture to a formula and prevents oils and liquids from separating.

We put in a lot of time to test and make sure the balm you will hold in your hands will provide maximum relief for you.

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