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Stem Cells

As you can see from the photo I love the game of Pickleball! My passion for the fastest growing sport in America almost never happened due to joint pain. In 1996 I was diagnosed with torn rotator cuffs and knee pain so severe at one point I needed a cane just to get around. I declined surgery 24 hours before going under the knife after learning shoulder surgery in many cases was not all that successful. Twenty years later (a year prior to the video below) I started on a supplement called C60 prior to undergoing stem cell treatment on August 20th, 2018. If you did not know, when you reach 70 you aren’t supposed to have any viable stem cells left in your body yet 59% of mine were still viable. C60 was the only major change I had made to my health regimen prior to treatment. The doctors were shocked and told me to keep taking C60 as my stem cell count was remarkable. My results were immediate as I was able to play the day following my treatment. This video was recorded in February of 2019 and I am still playing without the chronic pain I experienced previously. If you would like to try C60 yourself Click the button below.